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Göteborg, Västra Götalands län, 416 53

+467 382 88 338

Warpstormpainting a miniature painting site. book commissions or view our gallery!

About us

Warpstormpainting started with Johan and Chris joining together in brush and paint.
We felt like we could achieve nice quality to our paintings that didn't differ in looks
between us painters.
In our time we have stored lots of experience of painting hundreds of minis throughout the years.
To paint single minis to entire armies are fun in each different aspect. It’s thrilling to see a large amount of minis be painted to a fine level and be a piece of art in it’s whole. A single mini to have a story to tell it’s viewers on a magnificent display base.
No matter the project we love what we do and take great care in all miniatures.
Therefore, for you customers, we have carefully tested out our painting levels to fit our goals and to satisfy you as a customer.

We therefore do not expand with more artists since our work have to look somewhat identical in all standards, except for 3star, it's more personal and all about our own finest skill.

1star, 2star and 3star

You need to master the harder part of painting before you can achieve a good understanding of the easy part
— 1star-3star

I think big commission studios lack in quality since you don't know who paints most of the time. Are they new or experienced? So their levels of painting may differ in their own.

The downside with small elite painters is that we can only take on so many project. So be sure to plan out ahead.

-Paint for the PaintGods!