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Göteborg, Västra Götalands län, 416 53

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Warpstormpainting a miniature painting site. book commissions or view our gallery!

For Sale

Welcome to our miniature sale page.
The minis listed here are from our own collections and often does not go under any specific category in the 1-3 star range.
Most are painted for the artistic creativity of the painter himself.
Therefore the models are either a collectible or a gaming piece.
Collectibles are painted with more care and gaming for collecting an army that doesn't go to much into deep detail. 
The prices varies from mini to mini.  
More info is displayed on each mini if you click on their picture. 
If you're on the phone there is a small dot in the down-right corner of each picture you can click on to view info

(plinth is not included with the single minis)
You can contact us on our contact page if you are interested in buying any of these minis. We use paypal.
Here you can see our current listings:

Sly marbo for sale between 16-31 October 2018

Sly marbo for sale between 16-31 October 2018