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Göteborg, Västra Götalands län, 416 53

+467 382 88 338

Warpstormpainting a miniature painting site. book commissions or view our gallery!

Terms and Conditions


When placing an order with us, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions, so it is in your best interest to read them through.

We will not send any finished work until it’s paid for fully. If we have not been paid within three weeks from the appointed time of payment, the miniatures are property of Warpstorm Painting. The down payment will not be refunded.

2 § We take a down-payment before we start painting on a project and the rest when it’s finished. If you cancel a project we can not return the down-payment. We can return the miniatures however if we have not started working on them. 

We don’t touch up or fix miniatures that have already been painted by someone else. We can however clean them from the paint and re-paint them.

4 § We do not copy other artists’ paint-job. You can of course send reference pictures or tell us if you want something painted to match a specific type of paint scheme. We do not make exact copies of someone else painting style. The artist will always have his personal style on the finished model. It’s a matter of respect for the artist.

5 §When sending miniatures the unfortunate thing can happen and they break. We do however take great care in packing the miniatures to avoid this as much as possible. If anything would be damaged during shipment we cannot take any responsibility for the postal service mess. However send us an e-mail if the mini would need serious repairing and we can discuss a solution. we always send the minis with a tracking code so you know what's going on.

6 § The price we set for a project is not debatable. It’s not something you can negotiate or make a lower offer for.

7 § We keep the left over bitz from a project.

Remember to always ask if there is anything you need to know or want to tell us. Good communication is key to avoid missunderstandings. We are only humans after all.

-Thanks for reading!